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Full Dentures

When you work with Valley Denture Care, you're guaranteed the acrylics and denture teeth available. Once we have you in for an initial consultation, we will immediately get to work on your new smile. Your teeth will be set in wax for you to try, and we can make any necessary adjustments at that time. We will work with you until you are 110 percent happy with your new dentures. After your approval, we will finalize your denture set and schedule a delivery appointment.

Partial Dentures

Not all of our clients need all of their teeth replaced. A partial denture replaces a single tooth or multiple missing teeth. We offer affordable replacement options with our acrylic partials, though these types of dentures tend to be a bit bulkier. Clients in need of a stronger, less bulky and more precise partial denture may want to opt for casted metal partials.

Relines and Repairs

Once you've had dentures fitted and placed, you will still need to see your denturist for a yearly appointment. It is highly recommended to have your dentures relined every 18 to 24 months and to keep them refitted. Once you've lost your teeth, your jawbone will continue to deteriorate due to the constant usage of your dentures. By staying on top of your denture relining, you will be able to slow this deterioration.

We also offer same day repairs on your dentures. We understand that no one wants to walk around with a broken smile - so we make your repairs a high priority. Most repairs will be completed in a short amount of time - allowing you to move on with your life smiling brightly.

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